Pick of the litter is offered to as an option on every litter. First pick and second pick reserve is $500. We begin accepting pick-of-the-litter reserves once pregnancy is confirmed by ultra sound at 30 days gestation. We notify the family 24 hours  after the puppies have arrived and send photos of the puppies at 4 days. The family has 24 hours to select a puppy or forfeit their choice. If the person with the first pick option fails to select a puppy the photos are sent to the family with second pick of the litter. Selected pups are held for the buyer until pick up or shipping day at 8 weeks of age. Once pups reach 7 days of age they are put on our web site. The pick-of-the-litter reserve allows a family to choose a puppy before they are put on our web site. Puppies are not held for without a reserve. A family can switch their reserve one time before the litter reaches 2 weeks of age. The balance is due at pick up. All reserves can be applied to the adoption of any puppy up to two years after receipt. Breeder reserves the right to choose pups for the breeding program before any first pick option.