Visiting our facility

We would love to have you come and visit us. But, not when we have a new litter of puppies on the premises. I’m glad you asked why! Some mothers when protecting their puppies, can be aggressive when they are approached by strangers. They can get stressed out which the mother’s stress can have an effect on her puppies. The pups can get stressed out because mom is stressed. This could in turn have an effect on the mother’s milk production which would affect the entire litter. Stress is not allowed! On the same note a visitor does not know if they are caring Parvo virus on their shoes or clothing. Parvo is a deadly predator and seeking whom it may devour. Meaning, if it is brought in, would have infected the entire litter. Most likely, most of the litter will die. One or two may survive, but their immune system will be weaker. In time, not only trying to save the lives of the puppies, a tremendous amount of work ahead to kill the Parvo. Parvo can kill future litters also if we missed a spot in our whelping box or ground we walk on. Let’s help our puppies reach their full potential!

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