Warrior is my name

Did you ever have a heart to heart talk with a mommy boxer that has a weak puppy? Puppy won’t eat. As I sat in the birthing box with the puppies, Rayne, the mother, came over to lay next to me. She put her front feet in my lap and her head on her weak puppy I was bottle feeding. Who was consoling who? Life is fragile. Just a breath makes a difference between life and death. Maybe won’t see tomorrow or doesn’t have many tomorrows here but I know when the time comes where his forever’s will be. Heaven! My name is Warrior. As I look at my brothers and sisters I know they’re bigger than me but my name is Warrior. I may be small but I’m mighty. I hear talk of special friends giving grandchildren, Jackson and Madisyn, some gifts that had belonged to her mother that is now in heaven. Heaven is familiar to me cause that’s where I’m headed. I’m being called now. I hope you’re a Christian then I’ll see you later. Just ask for the boxer puppy called Warrior. If you’re not a Christian, haven’t excepted Jesus as your Lord and Savior, I would like you too cause I want you to ask for me, you know, Warrior, when you get to heaven. I’ll be expecting you. Till then signed, Warrior. January 5, 2012 11:00 a.m. Thursday I’m okay now. I’m in Heaven. Oh, did I tell you my name is Warrior!

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